About Goodprint

We are a small apparel printing company based in beautiful Newcastle, NSW.

Three things are at the forefront of what we do,

  • Make great products - with art, style, quality and thought packed in
  • Be decent to people.
  • Minimise our environmental footprint.

In doing these things, we aim to help organisations, people, and good causes get their message out, make money and give their supporters a way to show who they are.

Of course, part of the plan is for the team here to make a reasonable living. By doing the above to the best of our ability, we are hoping this will happen.

We try to work with good companies, use sustainable fibres wherever possible and use water-based inks as a default.

Our rooftop solar system produces slightly more electricity than we use.

Cotton is an incredibly damaging crop. It makes lovely t-shirts but comes with an environmental price. We try and reduce this by using organic cotton where feasible, and we are just starting to move into shirts using hemp and bamboo, but these are typically blended with cotton.

Last but not least, we love a good tee! There is nothing quite like the feeling of wearing your favourite.


Please note we are a shop that does print runs of 5 -5000 shirts. We do not do one-off custom shirts. There are lots of companies out there that cater for this.